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JVD is the first French manufacturer of hotel accessories and has provided innovative solutions for more than 30 years. You’ll find JVD installations throughout the world in over 80 countries; added value products that work harder, smarter and better than any alternatives.

JVD builds its future by safeguarding Quality, Competitiveness and the French know-how. Its in-house research, design and development is continuously developing good technology, new techniques and materials to further enhance product offerings, satisfying customers around the world. These products and services improve productivity and convenience, lower costs, protect customers’ assets and respect the environment. This approach has enabled JVD to remain a leader and lowcost producer, gaining market share in core markets internationally.

Headquartered in France, JVD support goes far beyond the right products. JVD’s manufacturing concerns, subsidiaries and distribution network is globally extensive.

In short, JVD’s approach begins with the finest equipment available and follows through with the most comprehensive service and support in the industry. And for more than three decades, the JVD name has stood for top quality and service and it still does today.

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