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Duonell develops, produces, sells and implements retail product presentations all over the world.

With Duonell, your in-store products are invisibly secured and presented live, thus simplifying the decisions your customers have to make about which product to buy. In addition, Duonell has a large number of interactive product presentations and sales solutions that create an improved shopping experience and increased turnover in your retail division

Duonell works for retailers in the telecoms industry, for consumer electronics chains, for stores selling household appliances, and for off-licences and banks. Its solutions are used for a wide range of products and services such as mobile phones, iPods, MP3-players, digital cameras, camcorders, navigation equipment, shavers, lady shaves, bottles of wine, and banking services.

All solutions are developed, produced and implemented by Duonell itself. State-of-the-art technology is delivered and the latest software applied to meet the specific needs of retail clients. In addition to their competitive prices, Duonell products are known for being reliable, easy to use and simple to install.

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