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A Company of Changemakers

Exotic Pac-Rim also believes in being a catalyst of change, always eager to step up and take charge. Key examples include working with the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security and Transport to initiate license plate systems and speed camera, a poject funded by the World Bank for Vietnam. EPR also initiated implementation of Retail Sales Security Surveillance systems for malls and luxury brand outlets, as well as conversion from analogue to 3D and digital systems for major cinema chains.

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Commercial & Retail Services

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EPR specialises in a host of retail security solutions including surveillance, EAS, access control, anti-theft systems, inventory control, CCTV, POS, tablet mobility and central monitoring. 

Using traffic intelligence, we are further able to provide data based on threats and anomalies detected to effect informed decision making.


Sound Light Visual (SLV) is an often overlooked component of corporations. Our solutions safeguard the interest and efficiency of businesses not limited to vido conferencing, IPTV, call systems, PABX and tech solutions for conferences and presentations. We offer centralised solutions tailored to all environments using customisable and established programming.

Data Analytics

More important than having good products is knowing customers better. Using big data, we acquire and distill relevant information that companies can use to turbocharge the targets.

Be it sales, customer service, or marketing campaigns, data is here to stay. Eliminate guesswork for better efficiency, profitability and productivity.

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Specialised Solutions

Urban Traffic

Financial Institutions

In this ever evolving industry, adopting the highest level of security is imperative. EPR represents some of the biggest companies offering solutions such as banknote security, foil printing, facial recognition, secure labelling, passport management, identity protection and card issuance. We also provide tailored end-to-end solutions for other industries.

Traffic Management

Working closely with governments and relevant agencies, we have undertaken numerous traffic management projects including the supply and management of license plate systems, traffic surveillance, license plate recognition, speed regulation, lighting and barrier systems. EPR leverages on smart city technology and data to transform traffic management.

Cinema Systems

We take cinemas to the forefront of theatre experience, from servicing traditional systems to transforming existing ones with the industry's leading technology. With notable past projects with industry leaders like CGV, EPR provides laser projection, screens, 3D and 4D systems, music distribution, theatre management, sound systems and distribution.

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